Course Overview

"Better For It Now," was uniquely made for the entrepreneurial woman, single and busy mom because, "I believe when a woman has a setback it's truly a setup for her to evolve into her truth and create the life she wants to live." My 7-Principle program is a guide to set your life into forward thinking and active momentum to create the life you want to live and love. Each week includes two yoga videos and one audio mediation. My personal success and that of many others is a direct reflection of placing these 7-Principles into your life. I'm so excited to help you evolve into the woman you are called to be in this life.

  • 1
    Welcome-Daily Morning Routine
    • Introduction
    • Daily Morning Routine
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Sunrise Yoga
    • Gentle Yoga for Beginners
  • 2
    You Gotta Have Faith
    • You Gotta Have Faith
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Gentle Yoga 1
    • Gentle Yoga 2
  • 3
    Love & Healthy Relationships
    • Love & Healthy Relationships
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Open Heart Yoga
    • Restorative Yoga
  • 4
    Confidence is Everything
    • Confidence is Everything
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Boost Your Confidence Yoga
    • Vinyasa Yoga
  • 5
    Take a Stand
    • Take A Stand
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Vinyasa Yoga & Balance
    • Balanced Body Yoga
  • 6
    What "If" to What"Is"
    • What "If" to What"Is"
    • Fun Sheet
    • Meditation
    • Yin Yoga
    • Gentle Flow Yin
  • 7
    Fearless Living
    • Fearless Living
    • Fun Sheets
    • Meditation
    • Deep Flexibility Yoga
    • Yoga for Back Pain